Arlo Knox specialises in freelance art and design encompassing 3 dimensional form and contemporary painting. His upbringing has exposed him to many different inputs in visual arts and has given him a somewhat unique perspective and knowledge. Due to his father’s employment, Arlo spent much of his childhood in places as disparate as New Zealand, Thailand, Oman, and The Netherlands. His early inspiration for a career of “creativity” design stemmed from the modern design chic of The Netherlands; portrayed in his ecologically friendly approach to design. The desolation and arid nature of the Omani landscape, coupled with the culture and traditional arts and crafts was a particularly powerful influence, which is so obviously expressed in his contemporary painting.

During his time at school and university, Arlo was influenced by the likes of Rudy Trouve, a Belgian contemporary artist and masters of the Bauhaus movement such as Paul Klee. This has led Arlo to use all of these influences in all facets of his work. Another benefit of Arlo’s peripatetic upbringing was his exposure to many cultures, religions and attitudes as well as being of Anglo-Dutch origin. Arlo is known for producing work that communicates and resonates a particular feeling, idea, emotion or sentiment. His work is very much a function of experiences, upbringing and outgoing personality.

Arlo’s use of mixed media encompasses texture and vibrant colour. It is true to say that his works have been largely inspired by his childhood in the Middle East and his great interest in music. His colours tend to be (as Arlo himself would say) very potent, pure and natural. One only has to look at the traditional arts and crafts of ethnic cultures to understand where his fondness for such bold colours comes from. This is also true for the breathtaking landscapes which are symbolized by the textures he creates using a wide range of materials from wax to sand and glue to hessian. Arlo uses these textures in combination with bold colours to pronounce as great a visual experience as possible. This visual experience, coupled with the deeply emotional meaning behind his paintings, (stemming from his unique upbringing), give Arlo’s artwork a very original and special style.

Selection of works

The Ghost

Dimensions: 800mm x 1200mm
Media: Mixed with acrylics on canvas.

The Ghost is a playful piece which combines a variety of Arlo’s artistic influences. In this piece Arlo has taken a playful angle with the illustrative value of a Ghost to the right side of the painting. The Ghost itself is represented with brighter colours with the surrounding parts of the canvas “toned down” with darker more subdues colours.

This is piece is full of character and has the ability to liven up even the dullest of interior spaces.

The Cello Player

Dimensions: 1500mm x 1500mm
Media: Mixed with acrylics on canvas.

This is one of Arlo’s earlier pieces, The Cello Player is testament to a musical revolution that influenced Arlo in a significant way during his adolescent years. The use of colour within the painting is as important as the animated cello player. The blues, browns and golds are symbolic of the dark wintry days during which the painting was completed.

The Cello Player is the first in a series of paintings that comprise a fusion between Arlo’s musical and visual interests. The painting is smooth, sleek and subtle yet resonates a rather more aggressive vision deep betraying its emotional origin.

Open sky with a hand in the face

Dimensions: 1200mm x 1200mm
Media: Acrylics on canvas.

This piece was inspired by the dark, Swedish winter months. This piece tells the story of looking at the glass “half empty or half full”. Within the piece there is visual representation of a person navigating between the decision of dwelling on the “handoff” (an action that occurs in Rugby Football) or accepting the value of a “clear sunny sky”. The complementary colours are bright and intentionally so, to cause great impact.

This piece is a fusion of Arlo’s creative and varied life experience. The painting is bold and represents a period in which Arlo wanted to use bright colours and make a loud statement through his art.


Dimensions: 1400mm x 1400mm
Media: Mixed with acrylics on canvas.

This was a commission piece. The client wanted a piece that would express success, new beginnings and prosperity. It was also intended to be an “interior” piece that had the ability to convincingly dictate a warmly and artistic interior environment.

This piece is a fusion of Arlo’s earlier “organic” work and his bolder colourful work that was inspired by the dark Swedish winter months.